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  1. Problem solved. I deleted the beam, closed the opening and made it a full wall, added the door, and HD PRO added the header at the top. Thanks to everyone for your help. This is helping me make a decision to purchase HD PRO as my Father's day gift.
  2. Problem solved. I deleted the beam, closed the opening and made it a full wall, added the door, and HD PRO added the header at the top.
  3. I have an opening on a deck that I created a header using framing / build / ceiling beam. How can I add a door under the header in plan view. Looks like my problem is with having multiple objects in the same space in plan view - beam and door under. I am using Trial HD Pro.
  4. I think it is looking great - thanks for the tips. One last question - the right side, I have an opening with a beam across the top. I don't seem to be able to select the opening to add a screened door. Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Does this work in HD PRO?
  6. I assume the same will work for filling in the sides and top of a screen door? My opening is about 53 inches, and when inserting a screen door of 32 inches there are gaps on each side and the top to fill in.
  7. Both of these work great! Thank you so much.
  8. That is a great video. Thank you so much. I will give this a try. Does this work a lot better with premier?
  9. When I tried overlaying the door, it took the place of the railing. I tried making the rail smaller in width, but it made the posts smaller also, and there is not any place to insert the door. Suggestions? Thanks
  10. Yes. Did you do this using Home Designer Pro? How?
  11. Note the railing in the pics. I would like to add a screen panel that would cover from under the beam, to the top of the floor, and between the columns, and the railing would be inside the screen panel.
  12. I am trying to create a screened porch with railing inside the screen panels. Ideally, the railing would be 2" wide and be flush inside the columns of the porch. The remaining 2 1/2" on the outside, between the columns, would be for a screen panel. Suggestions please? I am using Home Designer Pro. 2021
  13. Ok, most of the unwanted lines are gone now. However, under the short railing, there is still a couple lines under the deck - cannot find where to eliminate these. HD Pro Trial. Also post up against the house is not needed - how to eliminate.
  14. I created a railing beside the stairs, then a railing around the deck then connected the two at the top of the stairs. As you can see in the pictures, there is an almost invisible door that was created under the rail at the top of the stairs. I have made the materials for that door to be NONE, but there still remains a couple of strips that I cannot get rid of. Suggestions? I am using the trial version of Home Designer Pro.