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    Scale Elevations

    Good. I can actually do all that, with those same steps (except on that paper size), in the old cheap version I have. At some point that functionality must have been dropped from cheaper versions to encourage people to buy the more expensive products. Thanks.
  2. Arrenbas

    Scale Elevations

    Thanks. Does Architectural permit a scale elevation with a print to scale option? That's the feature that's the problem and which the old version (which I think was a BHG rebranded version of Essentials - as it only cost c.$50) permitted. I'd be fine with upgrading to Architectural from Suite but the comparison product chart is not very helpful in this particular regard. Tony
  3. Arrenbas

    Scale Elevations

    Yes, I can save as a pdf but it's saving an unscaled image. Both the very old BHG Version 7.09 and 2015 Suite produce foundations - although they tend to disappear in the elevation view in the earlier version (and the later version doesn't produce a true elevation image anyway). But you can produce a foundation plan view in both.
  4. Arrenbas

    Scale Elevations

    Yes, it seems like the current "Suite" does less than the 9 year old version of what I'm guessing was a rebranded version of "Essentials."
  5. Arrenbas

    Scale Elevations

    I've been working on a new house project (for many years) using Version 7.09 of CA, marketed under the Better Homes and Gardens name. A week or two ago, I bought the latest CA "2015 Suite" (for $99 from the CA website) hoping for newer features and a refreshed library. However, I've found that one feature my old version seems to do better than the new version, is draw elevations to scale. In Version 7.09, I can specify a scale for elevation images, just as with floorplans, and print to that set scale. In the new Suite version, an elevation appears to be treated like an image and loses its scale function (and can only be printed using the "print image" function with no scaling). I'm preparing printouts for City review and I've actually had to create the same building in both versions of the software in order to be able to use each version for something that it does better than the other. But the apparent loss of the ability to create printed elevations to a set scale makes the newer version seem fundamentally flawed - unless I'm missing something.... Was it dumbed down to cause people to buy a more expensive version or am I missing a function? (Also: Neither version allows for something as simple as adding a text box to an elevation. I'm running pages through the printer twice to add labels to printouts, whereas I can add a text box and label a floorplan and print only once.) Tony