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  1. I believe I'm figuring this out. It IS a wall issue. The last things I was doing was adding a deck and a pool enclosure. I'm obviously not good at this program yet, but through my 'tweaking' I attached something I shouldn't have. I removed everything attached to the main structure, and now the interior of the floorplan is selecting properly. Yeah! So, it's kinda back to the drawing board to figure this part out, but this add-on is the least of my concern, the house plan is what's important to me. Worst case, I'll draw the pool area, old school, on some graph paper - Done! Thank you everyone for your time and your help in this matter! G
  2. Thanks, but I don't believe this is it. I see what you're saying about a disconnected wall, but it's not the issue. Even if one are is disconnected, I should still be able to click on something known to be 100% intact, such as a closet, right? What I have looks like it does when you left-click and drag over the entire plan. (I've duplicated it with the attachment).
  3. Hi batthmv, thank you for replying so fast. Unfortunately, this did not work. I tried checking and unchecking everything to do with the word Rooms, no luck. I don't understand why, on the first click, the entire plan is highlighted, then pressing Tab gives me the room exactly as intended in the first place. I'm willing to try any other suggestions. Thx.
  4. Hi, I can't seem to locate the answer in the forums, sorry if this has been answered before. I'm using Home Designer Arch 2020, and the program was working fine prior, but now I cannot select individual rooms on my floorplan. The 'select objects' arrow now highlights the entire plan, and not individual rooms (or even the smallest of closets, etc). I've figure out I can press the 'tab' button (which does highlight the desired room), but then if I do any other action (right click for example) the room highlighting goes away. I imagine it's a setting I must have clicked or unclicked, since I've been playing with this plan for quite a while and have made only minor tweaks. I start a new test plan, and the select objects arrow works like it's supposed to. Just this plan it's stopped working. Please Help!