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  1. Probably a very basic question, but is there a way to select the Double Awning windows and change orientation from horizontal to vertical? Many thanks in advance.
  2. JonathanC

    Double Awning Windows - Orientation question

    The standard dialogue and way that a Double Awning is displayed has a Double Awning window as one horizontal window above the other. The Double Awning window that the builder is installing has them vertically (side by side) instead.... Only option I can think of is to put two single awnings next to each other as a workaround. I'm also trying to see if there is a template anywhere that has Stacking Doors.... as per
  3. JonathanC

    Can't Move Wall?

    Ok... Really newbie question.... I've just purchased Hone Designer Architectural 2021. Following i have imported a picture of an existing floor plan. I then draw a wall beside the wall on the plan and make it the real length. I resize the image For the life of me, I select the wall but can't see any way to move it. It will let me resize based on the wall properties, but I can't move the wall so that it sits over the plan. Is there something that I've missed or something that could lock the wall in place? Wanting to get on with tracing the plan, but can't get past this one (what should be considered simple) step!
  4. JonathanC

    Can't Move Wall?

    Managed to work around it, but still a little disappointed that I can't freely move a wall, especially when it was the first wall of the plan. I've now managed to trace most of the floorplan, so it's now time to try "stacking doors" as opposed to bifolds. Putting in some nice 3 and 4 panel stacking doors to the rear of the house for an opening to an outdoor deck area.
  5. JonathanC

    Can't Move Wall?

    Many thanks Eric, I would have expected the same. All I can see are the options to change the sizing at the top and bottom, adjust width and rotate. Hence why I asked such a newbie question. It's as though for some reason the object is locked. Hovering over the red mark gives me horizontal arrows only allowing me to move it to the right or left (parallel to the existing location) but not up/down. I would have expected to see a four-way arrow to be able to move freely.