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  1. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    Ok, I have finally found the problem. I have some kind of program that uses either VPN or Proxy (I don't understand it) controlling all of my web access. When I disabled this program, the activation worked like a charm. Thanks again for your help. I see that Chief Architect forum has caring people just like the Softplan forum.
  2. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    I just did now. I will see what they respond to that.
  3. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    That throws the same error. So ... that means that the problem is with my computer or network or ... ? How would I go about whitelisting the right sites? or does it make a difference that I am in West Africa right now? Are there some location restrictions on the activation server?
  4. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    Update: -Uninstalled again with Revo Uninstaller and deleted all registries and files. -Turned off firewall in router -Restarted computer -Disabled Norton Firewall -Disabled Norton Auto-protect -Downloaded a fresh installation file -Installed again -copied Product Key from Digital Locker Same results. (see attached image in previous message)
  5. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    Ok the uninstall went fine. I removed all of the extra system registries and files with the utility which you suggested. The result is the same. The only suggestion that tech support gives is this page: https://www.chiefarchitect.com/support/access-endpoints.html?version=21 I am not sure how to implement what is on this page. It mentions giving acces to port 443 (https) and port 80 (http). Those are common ports. Why would I have to explicitly allow access? It also mentions whitelisting certain domains. Where do I go to do this? In my firewall? If that was the case, couldn't I just simply disable the firewall? Disabling the firewall doesn't seem to do any good. This reply from tech support came on April 24. They do not seem to want to reply any more. Thanks for all of your help so far.
  6. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    You mean that I should check the "Activate with current key" option? It gives the same results. I also copied the key from my ChiefArchetect digital locker to try the new key option. They both give the same results.
  7. WesPenner

    Activation problem

    Hi all, I purchased Home Designer about 2 years ago. It has worked fine until about 2 months ago. Now it is asking me to activate with my product key. When I enter the product key and click "Activate" it says that the "data received from the activation server is invalid". see attached picture. Chief support has told me to disable firewall and antivirus, which I did. This made no difference. I am using Norton Antivirus. Must I go all the way and uninstall the antivirus? Or what other problem could there be? Thanks Wesley Penner