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  1. Thanks Eric. It looks like it lets me change the material type and Joist type, but does not let me change to a truss or change the specifics about the joist (I-Joist Flange Width)
  2. When building a house framing, how do you automatically specify the use of floor trusses? All I see is manually draw them under the "Build - Framing - Joist" selection. Also, can I automatically specify different floor joist by room designation? I have different size TJI's based on the room type and span and specifying everything before hand will really saves some time in generating a accurate bill of materials
  3. Can headers above windows or openings be specified on a case by case basis? Or do I have to manually edit them and adjust the framing?
  4. Hello, Can any structural design analysis be done within this software? I see that you can spec beams, joists.. ect but is there anyway that it can automatically determine what is needed per code? If not, is there any other additional software that can be purchased?
  5. So can you use the pony wall option even if it's change in color has to follow the nested gable roof angle ?
  6. Thank you Eric, I will give everything a shot. Also, in the picture that I uploaded in the initial post, how do you get house siding two different colors (Cream and brown color in the nested gable) when its all the same wall ?
  7. I am using Homedesigner pro 2021 and I wanted to find out a way to create the double gable effect show in the attached picture. Once I create the large gable, how do you specify a gable over just a portion of the wall ?