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  1. I am trying to figure out how to have my railing follow along the pitch of the roof. My railing always portrudes through the roof. Garage House_01.plan
  2. Thanks! I kind of figured it out. It seems in Home Designer it's easiest to set all the walls up with the right roof attributes, then create it and not touch the roof after that. Everytime I I do a change to a wall though, after the roof already has been built, it seems things don't rebuilt the way I thought I had set it up -even if I delete the roof first and rebuilt again, this happens.
  3. Oops - that was an easy fix. I should have figured that one out on my own. Thank you! I have another question though. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to have the different roof planes extend over the deck of the house. I'd like to have the gable roof continue over the deck, as well as the two side roof planes and have the railings go up to the three roof planes. I have tried invisible walls for the second floor and tried breaking up the front railing to create the different heights. Every time I attempt to rebuild the roof, things go crazy. Any thoughts on this one?
  4. Thank you for taking a look. 2 Story building_UaoaL.plan
  5. AnneWertheim


    I just started using Home Designer Pro 2021. I had been using Home Designer Suite for a while and I keep on running into roof issues. I was hoping HD Pro would make things a little easier, but as a lay person, I am still struggling to figure roofs out. I am attaching a screenshot of the house I'd like to built. It will be a two story house. The second floor will be a loft space, leaving the first floor with high ceilings in the front part. What settings do I need to use the have the left and right lower roof panes correctly attached to the walls? As you can see on the screenshot, there is
  6. I really appreciate everybody's help! I tried Jo Ann's approach, as it looked simpler. I couldn't figure out how to make the window work. I kept on having a piece of the wall stick out of the roof on the left side. Even if it's not perfect, it's enough to show to people! Thank you again so much!
  7. Good point. I guess we'll have to do the math. I don't know how to do it manually Great! That worked! Thank you!
  8. I am working on a plan for a house that we will have to built in stages due to limited financial resources. In the beginning half of the second floor will have a large deck, that in a few years we will enclose. For now it will be a screened in large deck/porch. How do I accomplish having the posts going up to the roof have the same pitch as the roof? Question#2: How can I change the ceiling hight for floor #1, so it will be 10' instead of the standard 8'? Question #3: Is it possible to have a view of the house, for example just the front, (or back, or side) in 2D? I wan
  9. I am using Home Designer Suite 2021. I created a shed roof building with a balcony/deck on the second floor. I'd like to put another shed roof over the deck and can't figure out how. My second question: I want to have an open space above a closet. Why do I get a gap between the closet and the open attic? And how can I fix this?