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  1. Thanks! That works. Little tedious and gosh only knows where that solution is thought out, but it does work and will let me move forward. Thanks a lot.. I had already beat my head bloody trying to figure out what I was doing wrong!
  2. I hope my post will make sense especially given I am not a Home designer expert. I have managed to draw my room reasonably accurately and it models nicely in 3D. One one outer wall there are 3 windows (the bottoms of which are approximately 52 inches from the floor). Directly below those windows is a knee wall of sorts. The knee wall is 51 inches high and protrudes 6 inches inward from the outer wall with windows. In other words, we have a 6 inch wide ledge in the room below the 3 windows This is the view: I am trying to flush mount a panel above the knee wall attached to the upper wall. However, the way I have set things up the software thinks the knee wall extends the full height and refuses to let me flush mount a panel to the wall with the windows: Changing camera view you can see the panel is acting like it is flush mounted to the knee wall as if the knee wall actually extended to the ceiling: The panel should be flush against the wall just above the knee wall. Hopefully this is just a simple duh huh error on my part and can easily be remedied. Thanks in advance