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  1. SteveRC

    Ceiling Beam is placed at the wrong height

    I can locate the beam correctly, but when I build the framing (it actually builds automatically), the framing does not recognize the beam as a beam. The joists run "through" the beam, rather than terminate at the beam. All works properly on the 1st floor in the same plan. Thanks and Regards, Steve
  2. SteveRC

    Ceiling Beam is placed at the wrong height

    Yes. And I also tried manually rebuilding the framing as well. It's definitely being built, but moving the height of the beam does not produce the expected result, which would in this be that the beam is treated like a flush beam, and that the joists would end at the beam (and not run through the beam). Thanks!
  3. SteveRC

    Ceiling Beam is placed at the wrong height

    Hi - Thanks. I have changed my sig to indicate the version (Home Designer Pro 2021 on Win 10). I have explored the help extensively and searched the knowledge base to the best of my ability. I can move the beam height no problem, but the framing builder does not recognize the beam, and the framing is not altered (the joists run through the beam and do not stop at the beam). I am reasonably certain it has something to do with me increasing the height of the 1st floor walls, but I can't find any references to what criteria the software uses when placing a beam and what factors determine whether the beam is indeed part of the framing. I've spent quite a lot of time on this. The only alternative I could come up with at this point is to hand-draw the framing plans. Thanks and Regards, Steve
  4. Hi - I am trying to place a ceiling beam on the 2nd floor of a 2 story structure, and no matter what I do, the beam is placed exactly 1 foot below the rough height of the ceiling. I will mention that I increased the height of the 1st floor walls by 1 foot. This seemed to go fine - I made the appropriate adjustments to everything else, and all ceiling heights are correct on both floors, the roof appears to be normal (displays correctly, etc.) and all interior ceilings when viewed are correct. The 1st floor framing is fine. I can place a ceiling beam there no problem. However, on the 2nd floor, the beam is placed seemingly at the "former" height (before I added 1 foot to the 1st floor height). If I adjust the height of the beam, the framing builder does not recognize that the beam is there. Framing goes right though the beam. If I place the beam and DON'T adjust the height, the framing builder does recognize the beam is there, and laps the joists over the beam, etc. as would be expected. I am attempting to place a flush beam (and I have done so on the 1st floor without incident). I have attached the plan file for reference. Any suggestions? I am absolutely stuck! Thanks and Regards, Steve MirrorLake_hs_beam_test.plan