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  1. Max-II

    3D Library - GE Appliances

    Yes I was signed in at the time. I have realized that the X12 / 2021 version is 0B. If you hover the mouse pointer over the info symbol in the upper left corner of the catalog's image, 'GE Appliances', it shows the sizes of the different versions available and X12/2021 is zero (0 Bytes).
  2. Max-II

    3D Library - GE Appliances

    I'm currently using Home Designer Suite 2021. When I attempt to download the "GE Appliances" from the online "3D Library - Fixtures and Appliances" group, I select "X12 / 2021" and I get the following error (see Error.txt attached). I have made multiple attempts over multiple days, all with the same results. <Erro
  3. Max-II

    Foundation under front porch

    Home Designer Suite 2021 I was able to create a foundation under my front porch by drawing an exterior wall that outlines the porch. Then setting the 'Room Specification' for the porch as 'Garage'. Then I deleted the foundation, then built a new foundation. A foundation wall was created under the porch and I replaced the exterior wall with a railing. I had to tweak the floor height of the porch to where I wanted it.