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  1. Thanks Eric - that was very helpful! I've got the 1.5 storey addition in place, and the roof automatically went on just as you said. I clearly have a lot to learn about the nuances of the program, and your video has helped in that regard too. I started years ago with 3D Home Architect (from which I believe this derived), and it's really come a long way. In my case it maybe gave me enough rope to hang myself! :)


    Thanks again!


  2. Okay, I think I see the approach you suggest. To be clear, starting with what you've drawn (a 1-storey plus attic), in order to add a second storey room I would manually draw the walls on top of the first storey walls, right? I assume I have to turn off the "roof above" switch for the first storey room?


    I normally use the "Build new floor" option (for other buildings) to get a second floor with alignment relationship to the first floor. That works with stand-alone buildings, so I thought that should work in this case too.


    I'm not sure how the auto foundation got turned off, but I needed a slab under the addition anyway. I'll be more attentive to those auto switches in the future.




  3. Okay, I've recreated the problem. I totally removed the 2 storey addition, and started from scratch. I added a one floor addition, but when I go to create a second floor above it, the system thinks I want to add a third floor. I'm attaching the plan as well as a screen shot of the message I get. I thought maybe it was because the addition shared the wall of the main house, so I tried sistering a wall so that the new room had four walls of its own, but I get the same message. And if I go ahead and let it build the new floor, it adds a new (3rd) floor to the whole house. So that's why I ask about making the addition independent of the main house - I can't seem to find a way to do that.

    Kitchen Wing - 1.5 storey.plan

    Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 1.06.24 AM.png

  4. Okay, I'll give that another shot. What's happened is that I had a pretty nice two storey addition drawn (I'll attach that just for reference). But my Wiser Half wants something less ambitious, so I tried taking it down. Right now I'm working on removing the whole 2 storey addition and starting from scratch on the addition (1.5 this time), thinking that perhaps that will help untangle something. I don't get to mess with this much, and I think I back myself into corners (especially with roofs) that I can't back out of. Maybe starting fresh will help.


  5. Yeah, the windows got messed up when it took the main house second floor down to kneewalls. I think I could do a roof, but I really want to put a short second floor on the addition first, and that's where things get wonky. If I click on the first floor of the addition and say "add floor" it thinks I mean to the whole structure. I should probably come up with a "clean" version that illustrates the problem so that I don't waste anybody's time, so I'll work on that and get back to you. Thanks!

  6. I've been using Home Designer Pro 2016 occasionally for various hobby/home design projects, and have been frustrated trying to add a wing to an existing house plan. I have a pretty good plan for our 2 storey house, but when I try to add a 1.5 storey addition I can't make the roof specifications for it without the roof/second floor of the house getting messed up. I'm attaching the example I'm currently working on. I've had to make the wing one tall room with no roof - if I try to add a short second floor it changes the second floor of the main house. Awhile back I posted about this and there wasn't a good solution to it. So I'm wondering if this issue might have been resolved in the latest version (2021). If so, that might move me to plunk down the money to upgrade.

    Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 12.02.39 AM.png