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  1. Thanks Eric - that was very helpful! I've got the 1.5 storey addition in place, and the roof automatically went on just as you said. I clearly have a lot to learn about the nuances of the program, and your video has helped in that regard too. I started years ago with 3D Home Architect (from which I believe this derived), and it's really come a long way. In my case it maybe gave me enough rope to hang myself! Thanks again! Steve
  2. Okay, I think I see the approach you suggest. To be clear, starting with what you've drawn (a 1-storey plus attic), in order to add a second storey room I would manually draw the walls on top of the first storey walls, right? I assume I have to turn off the "roof above" switch for the first storey room? I normally use the "Build new floor" option (for other buildings) to get a second floor with alignment relationship to the first floor. That works with stand-alone buildings, so I thought that should work in this case too. I'm not sure how the auto foundation got turned
  3. Okay, I've recreated the problem. I totally removed the 2 storey addition, and started from scratch. I added a one floor addition, but when I go to create a second floor above it, the system thinks I want to add a third floor. I'm attaching the plan as well as a screen shot of the message I get. I thought maybe it was because the addition shared the wall of the main house, so I tried sistering a wall so that the new room had four walls of its own, but I get the same message. And if I go ahead and let it build the new floor, it adds a new (3rd) floor to the whole house. So that's why I ask abou
  4. Okay, I'll give that another shot. What's happened is that I had a pretty nice two storey addition drawn (I'll attach that just for reference). But my Wiser Half wants something less ambitious, so I tried taking it down. Right now I'm working on removing the whole 2 storey addition and starting from scratch on the addition (1.5 this time), thinking that perhaps that will help untangle something. I don't get to mess with this much, and I think I back myself into corners (especially with roofs) that I can't back out of. Maybe starting fresh will help. Summer_Kitchen_Wing.plan
  5. Yeah, the windows got messed up when it took the main house second floor down to kneewalls. I think I could do a roof, but I really want to put a short second floor on the addition first, and that's where things get wonky. If I click on the first floor of the addition and say "add floor" it thinks I mean to the whole structure. I should probably come up with a "clean" version that illustrates the problem so that I don't waste anybody's time, so I'll work on that and get back to you. Thanks!
  6. I've been using Home Designer Pro 2016 occasionally for various hobby/home design projects, and have been frustrated trying to add a wing to an existing house plan. I have a pretty good plan for our 2 storey house, but when I try to add a 1.5 storey addition I can't make the roof specifications for it without the roof/second floor of the house getting messed up. I'm attaching the example I'm currently working on. I've had to make the wing one tall room with no roof - if I try to add a short second floor it changes the second floor of the main house. Awhile back I posted about this and there wa