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  1. blaineklein

    Ceiling and roof help

    T Thanks Solver, It's been added to my signature.
  2. blaineklein

    Ceiling and roof help

    HD PRO 2021 I've Attached the plans. Untitled
  3. blaineklein

    Ceiling and roof help

    Good Morning Everyone So, i'm having an issue where my roof line and ceilings are working against each other and i cant seem to figure out how to get them to. Here are a few picture's of what i'm having trouble with. I have cathedral ceilings in this area and the wall for one of the roofs is jutting through the ceiling. Here is a pic of the outside connected to the roof. How do i fix this? Also the ceiling line is too high for this area. Pic for example. But if i drag the whole thing from right to left it changes the roof. I only want to change the celing.
  4. blaineklein

    Help on front porch roof

    Thank you so much, I'm going to restart my drawing as when i tried this on the one i was already working on, it did not come out looking like that. I think i had messed with too many walls.
  5. blaineklein

    Help on front porch roof

    Hey Eric, I was on my other desktop yesterday when i started this thread and did not have my porch added to the file on that computer. Here is what i'm working with now.
  6. blaineklein

    Help on front porch roof

    Hello all, So i'm trying to create what's in the picture below. Two shed style roofs with a full gable in the middle. For the life of me i cannot get the walls and roofs to act right when i Auto Rebuild the roofs. Can someone please run me through how to fix this? I'm using the most current version of Home designer pro.