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  1. Thanks. Home Designer Pro 2021.
  2. Hi, I have a large central span of attic space that I want to have attic trusses with 9ft ceilings. I have tried multiple times, but have become frustrated. I believe if I can get second story ceilings built, I will know how to proceed, but I can't get ceilings built. This may be because the walls and roof are incomplete. 5-pier plan lacking attic trusses.plan
  3. Hey Rick, I looked up attic trusses and I like them. Yes, water closet with a walk-in closet. I need to add closets in the two others. Also, yes, 9' throughout will be fine, I think. I'm currently downloading HDPRO 2021, and I call you in a few. Thanks a ton, Andy
  4. I have been trying to figure how I can turn the stairs, and it won't be easy. They run with the length of the house, so without U-turning them, it will be a challenge. I am tempted to keep them and do whatever I need to do to the floor instead. I am adding a layout with room labels. I am not 100% sure what you mean by attic trusses. I do want to maximize the space upstairs, and I am considering extending the exterior walls by a couple feet to help with that. I'm open to changing the roof pitch too. Whatever is better to maximize the space. I had already figured that I-joists were n
  5. Thanks Solver and Rick. It looks like I had to close the file in Pro. The advice above will get me a lot further than I was. I'm attaching the PLAN just in case you have any ideas for a simpler way. I thought I might have to go with engineered products, and now I think they may be better anyway. Andy 9-pier foundation and floor.plan
  6. Does the forum limit the attachments or something, because I cannot attach anything more. OK, it seems to only accept PDFs.
  7. I'm trying to attach it, but it won't go. Any advice?
  8. Thanks. The house has a crawl space and a second floor/framed attic. The floor girders are triple 2x12, and I have my piers with no more than 8' span between them (although more center to center). I will have to look into the steel beam idea. I have already warmed up to the I-joists, especially for long spans in some parts of the ceiling. My main questions are: 1. Does the main load-bearing wall down the center of the house holding the ceiling joists need to be exactly on top of the girder/pier system for the floor? 2. Does the stair need four piers at its corners? (it was an en
  9. I understand and I have reached out to a structural engineer. But can you give examples? I thought the purpose of HDPRO is to allow motivated individuals to wrestle with and solve the technical difficulties in planning a house themselves. I do, however, see that HDPRO's automatic features are far inadequate, so that corrections are necessary. I did think the forum was to facilitate that learning process. I believe you even offer to correct plans?
  10. Hi, I have been trying to make a viable floor for my house plans, and I have some questions about load-bearing walls. Mainly, I want to minimize my number of piers as well as the size of the members. But I don't know if load-bearing walls have to be exactly over the floor girders. I am attaching the floor framing and foundation with the interior walls referenced. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is a little context: 1. The local inspector told me he was uncomfortable with more than 8' between piers. 2. I was told it was best to put piers at all 4 corners of the