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  1. WOW! Thanks so much you two, awesome work. yall rock. Cheers, Jayme
  2. simply to looking into options for shed dormer build out(interior and exterior views) and layout arrangements within that one room
  3. As of now I am focussing on just that lofted room above garage, and the ceiling heights, etc of the other floors are irrelevant at this point. suppose im happy with how that room is layed out, and simply want to add this shed dormer, do I have to go thru all of these default settings and resets, etc? I still seem to be stumbling here with this auto roof as it keeps altering everything to the extreme...and seem to struggle with your much appreciated instruction. I thought I was better with this software once upon a time
  4. figured as much...okay ill give er a go. CHEERS!
  5. are you able to send a copy of revised plan? or does that not work?
  6. how difficult was that to do? I tried so many ways...
  7. oh my amazing. other than small tweaks, that's it! wow
  8. Unfortunately, no. As you can see from my initial post and attached screen shot, options are limited (lonely tool bar above...) Ideas?
  9. Thanks for the response, I don't see anywhere that states the title. on the "about" page its CA HD Interiors 2018... That being said, I don't believe there are much for dormer options other than manually drawing them in. I seem to stumble once the roof auto adjusts. I will attach a copy of plan Thanks again, Jayme 105 South Drive v1 pre dormer.plan
  10. Hey there, I am having trouble with adding a shed dormer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. (using HD Interiors 2018) Thanks in advance, Jayme