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  1. Crustymudgeon

    Variance Between Doll House and Framing Views

    I hadn't done that. And you're correct; that did it. Thanks, again. See . . . it WAS ESO!!
  2. Crustymudgeon

    Variance Between Doll House and Framing Views

    Well, that makes a lot more sense than changing each. and. every. room. to the 96" height. But . . . it still displays one way in dollhouse (i.e. tall garage) and the other in framing. I'll get with support on Monday. Thanks for the help, @Solver.
  3. Crustymudgeon

    Variance Between Doll House and Framing Views

    I'm trying to design a barn-style structure with 16' walls on the perimeter. The interior walls will only be 9'; picture an office structure in a warehouse. The E, S, and W walls of the barn will form three walls of the residence; the fourth wall will be a 9' wall basically bifurcating the building. South of that wall will be the residence; North of the wall will be a high-clearance garage. When I view either of the dollhouse views (perspective or orthographic), the plan displays what I envisioned. I would say it displays correctly but, given that I'm a complete neophyte with this software, that would be a bit presumptuous. When I display either of the framing views, however, the ceiling at 9' and what would be the second-story floor extend the entire width of the building. This was drawn using a single-story building and 96" shelf ceilings in the residence. In my former life two presentations of the same drawing reflecting different results was not a good thing. However, this may be ESO . . . equipment superior to operator. Is this the correct approach to doing walls of differing heights or should I have treated this as a two-story building and worked through the problems I ran into with that form factor? That was: I had to leave the second-story portion of the divider wall in place and make the "second story" of the garage "open below" or the floor would extend to the N wall. Essentially the same problem but it displayed that way in both dollhouse and framing views. And, since it's just the one wall rather than a room, I couldn't figure out a way to reduce the height to make it large enough to stop the ceiling from extending but small enough to not exist. Floorplan for LBO Rev 4.15.pdf Floorplan_for_LBO_Rev_4.15,_Full_Shelf_Ceiling.plan