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    Trusses instead of framed roof

    Thanks for your help. I was able to get the trusses drawn as I wanted.
  2. johnnykuz

    Trusses instead of framed roof

    I'm currently using HD Pro 12 to design a small barn or garage on my property. It's a very simple 24x32 design with a 6:12 pitch roof. I plan to use roof trusses but seem to be unable to get Pro to use trusses when it builds the roof. I've checked the box for trusses in the build roof dialog box but I still get a stick framed roof & the gable end walls auto stick frame from floor to ridge. I want to show the framing as a horizontal top plate around the perimeter all at 10' height with the trusses on top to form the roof & attic walls. Any little tip to get it to do this?