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  1. So the gates are required to go in a fence "wall" and you can't change the fence size to beside the door, and the program adjusts textures by just squishing them all into the size left after the gate goes in...also when the gate width is adjusted larger, it stretches out the textures...is there an easy way to fix this? I can't find it and the fence guide doesn't go into it.
  2. Daniel2

    Walkthrough does not record

  3. Daniel2

    Walkthrough does not record

    I created a walkthrough path but when I try to record it, I get the same error every time, and I've changed all settings and even created the simplest walkthrough path, no dice. I have no other 3D programs running in the background and my browser and all other programs off. I have current graphics drivers and a powerful computer with no issues, so it's something to do with this program. Has anyone run into this problem before or know the solution?
  4. Daniel2

    Stepped floor in garage not working

    Problems solved! By having stair issues, I uncovered major issues with the foundation footing. My actual lot obviously isn't perfectly level, but for this reno I only care about the depth of the footer on the right side of the house as that is the side the garage extension is being tied into..the back side of the house is roughly 4-6" higher, code is 18" depth below grade to the bottom of the footer. Eric noticed my stairs were crooked, I think that is what caused them to ignore the landing I built. I have no idea how those stairs went in crooked in the first place, I have angle snaps on at all times.
  5. Daniel2

    Stepped floor in garage not working

    Thank you for the suggestions. In my version, I cannot build foundation walls, which is very disappointing. All I can do is play with what the program generates and copy other foundation walls. As soon as a foundation wall is attached to a room (and I cannot find a way to disassociate it) on modifying it, the program automatically alters all foundation walls connected to it, similar to what the divided room is doing, so I can't add that wall there. Sidewalks disappear inside the house as well, first thing I tried was that. I tried putting in a landing after deleting the divider, but the stairs just ignore it like it's not there. I erased the stairs and regenerated but same effect. the landing is larger than the stairs and completely filling that side of the room and the stairs are placed on top in the corner. As a work around, I have added a 5th step and set the stair treads where they should be, then raised the landing an inch to hide the first step and that is fairly close to the actual house. The purpose of this house build is to get as close as possible to the existing house, for purposes of building a substantial renovation in the future. These stairs will remain and there will be a flight in the same direction, in that garage directly above them going to a second floor, so clearances are critical. The suite above main entrance will be the stairs above and must meet minimum codes, from my hand drafted drawings, it looks like I have clearance but this program will allow me to visualize and measure more accurately. I somehow managed to get that side of the house and garage dimensions accurate but the foundation and stem wall got messed up at the front of the garage and the exterior 4' section on the left of the garage, so I had to erase all walls around the garage and set foundation back to auto, build the garage expansion and put the original walls back, then take auto foundation off and copy foundation walls to set in the interior ones that have perimeter foundation under them. I will have to sort out the garage floor again later.
  6. Daniel2

    Stepped floor in garage not working

    I have a 5" high by 36" wide raised section in a garage between the garage man door and the laundry door. I created a room divider but when I change the floor height of one side the other changes as well. I'm using home designer suite 2017, attached is the plan I'm working on. Is there any way to do this? I tried using stair landing but as soon as I do that, it grabs my current stairs and floats both up 4 feet high with no discernible way to adjust stair height at all. house4.plan