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  1. Hi David, That's one solution I agree, but I was also wondering if I could import the individual plans and elevations in dwg format from HDA into my Autosketch software just for the printing/output processes. I've used Autosketch for many years; it is a very versatile program, but laborious. I could maybe cut and paste the HDA segments onto an A1/A0 layout sheet with title block etc. Do you think that might be an option? I greatly value your advise by the way, HDA is a great little piece of software for the instant creation of the elevations, which my Autosketch software can't do as it is
  2. I wonder if there is a way to export each individual section of a complete house design (plan, elevation, section, site plan etc) onto a complete A1/A0 size sheet in another program. I like to make my planning and building regs applications to the local authority on one large A1/A0 PDF sheet. There must be a way to do it.....
  3. Thanks, I'm grateful for the advice.
  4. Thanks David. I may need to upgrade to pro when I can afford it.....
  5. Thanks David, I've just found the Layout info on Google. I thought I might have been able to attach the 2D views to a 3D profile, but I see now that it has no 'New layout' at the top left position.
  6. I want to print the plans, elevations and sections for a single house all on the same sheet. Can it be done in HDA? Why have I got a mark against me, have I done something wrong?
  7. Hi, Still new to the software HDA 2020 My question is, how do I set up all 2D plans, elevations and cross sections for a house design so that everything can be viewed, worked on and printed on the same sheet - say A1 size. Can't find any training videos or help topics on this.
  8. Hi Guys, Can I install HDA 2020 on a computer with no modem? I will use the software on main computer, but my backup CAD station has no modem, I decided to have one workstation totally free of the internet just to keep it completely clean. It would mean me not being able to register the serial code online on that workstation.