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  1. JulieDunning

    Help to create roof line

    Thank you both for replying - I am new to these forums. I have added my signature - I work on Home Designer Pro 2019. Self taught on the program with how to videos and such. I am a Graphic designer not trained in Architecture but learning from the builder I am working for so bare with me if my terms sound amateur. The front gable is easy with a return to give it the same look but for the life of me I can not figure out how to place the one behind it. I have watched so many videos and just when I think I might have found it - it doesn't work. I have included the file that I am working on. Any help would be wonderful - eager to learn more. T Pelletier_auto_save.plan
  2. JulieDunning

    Help to create roof line

    How do I create the gables on the front of this home. I am a bit new but a fast learner. Thank you in advance