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  1. MommyDoGood

    Gable/roof line tool stopped working

    Thank you Eric & David!!! I will use one of these methods to finish this.
  2. MommyDoGood

    Gable/roof line tool stopped working

    I'm using PRO 2019. I cannot break the wall because the window and garage door disappear. That would certainly be the easiest, but this gable/roof line tool is specifically designed to make a gable where you cannot break the wall. I just don't understand why is suddenly stopped working.
  3. MommyDoGood

    Gable/roof line tool stopped working

    Help Please! I am drawing my existing house in PRO. Everything was fine until I changed the roof pitch from 8/12 to 6/12. My house has a gable on the right side over the garage door and a window, so I used the gable/roof line tool. It worked beautifully and the house was done. Then I changed all the pitches to 6/12 and the gable on the right disappeared. I have tried everything to get it back. I even deleted the roof and started over. Nothing has worked. What am I doing wrong? I am trying to avoid doing manual roofs because when I go to do our remodel addition, I don't want the manual roofs to get messed up. Also, this tool should be working and it is a mystery to me what happened. Any assistance is appreciated. Thank you. Current_Plan.plan