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  1. Eric, Im going through the videos thanks for your help. Once I have it finished Ill share it hopefully pretty soon. Thanks again for your help.
  2. Thanks David, I've learned some stuff with your video. Now I have to do it on my file. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks I will go through the videos. One more question I had was how do you remove the xs that are on the drawing. I know I added them through preferences but when I deselected the option they didn’t come off.
  4. I have not. I just bought the program so I’m still going thru the learning stage. That’s why I was wondering if you could share the file so I can go thru the options and see where I went wrong. I create a regular house and the basic roof planes. Where I have an issue Is when I have different height roof planes plus different wall heights. Let me know if you can share it would mean a lot for me. Thanks for you interest in helping out.
  5. I have not been able to. I’ve tried for several hours and I can’t get it. I just need to read thru more tutorials and keep trying I guess.
  6. Home Designer Pro 2020 Eric, First time posting wasnt sure how much info to write down. I have it all automatic but it would give me a total different roof.Is there anyway you can share the file where you made it look like the picture.