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  1. Hi, Is there a way to remove the dormer vault in this picture? I'd like a flat ceiling in the dormer area until the dormer ceiling hits the main roofline. At that point I'd like to have the dormer ceiling blend with the main vaulted ceiling. Attached a picture that hopefully clears it up, but I basically want to eliminate the dormer vault. Thanks! Home Designer Pro 2020
  2. To create a truss that sits on the top plate with no raised heel, do I leave the default settings alone here? I ask because if I make them both zero the truss appears to be floating... Thanks!
  3. Hi, Probably a dumb question... Is there a setting to toggle such that I can input the raised heel height in terms of top of top plate to the top of top chord, like in the attached image? Thanks!
  4. Ah, I think I answered my own question... 6 inches it seems? And then the floor is 0" at the front of the garage and ~2" at the back? garage with SWT at 6 inches.plan
  5. Thanks Jo_Ann, That's exactly what I'm talking about in terms of my foundation/structural settings making sense So what would be considered standard there?
  6. Thanks to both of you for the help Is there a standard manner that slab on grade garage foundations are built? I've built the garage to how it should look in the attached plans, but I have no idea if the assumptions I used in the floor structure/foundations are reasonable or not. My plans call for a 9-foot garage height with a finished attic. I'm trying to determine what heel height is required to get my dormer window at 40 inches bottom height, to make room for a countertop below it. Do the attached floor structure/foundation settings make sense? Thanks!
  7. Hi, If I make a simple 4 sided building, change structure type to garage, add a garage door, and create a terrain perimeter, the garage door is below the terrain by a couple of inches. What's the best solution to get the garage door flush with the terrain? Thanks!
  8. Thanks very much for the reply. I'll play around with the Add Lights tool and check out your YT channel.
  9. Hey! Whenever I add a light to this room the overall brightness level of the room drops. This is with the light turned off... Is there a setting I can utilize that prevents this from happening? Thanks!
  10. Chatted with support and answered my own question. Turning off graphics switching is all that's required.
  11. Hey! Newish user here. Just upgraded my Macbook from i7 16GB RAM 4GB video card to i9 32GB RAM 5500M 8GB card. Home Designer 2020 is MUCH happier. Are there any settings I should tweak in order to optimize my Mac for HD usage? Was wondering specifically about whether to turn graphics switching off or not, but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks!