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    Roofing Issue

    Thanks Eric, This is one of may plans I have done for my sister. She lost her home last summer in a tornado but her foundation survived so we are limited to working with her foundation on her lot. We have improved her plan by cantilevering over the foundation on the back to get a bit of extra sq footage on the first floor. We are trying to convert a ranch to a cottage style with a porch and craftsman windows.. We had everything set to go and then the builder checked and there is not enough room in the front yard to meet the newly approved setback code. We tried a porch on the right side of the front and the middle of the front and those roofs worked out fine - and the pictures are posted. Now I have reworked the plan to have a porch on the east side. I think I have to eliminate the furnishings to reduce my plan file size due to file size restrictions. I will load the plan if I can get the size down. I removed all the furnishing and all the landscaping but the plan size is still to large to post 44MB vs 25MB allowed. I did change all the walls to full gable and a roof was generated but it is a very complicated 'busy roof' see picture that says Full Gable
  2. dotordway

    Roofing Issue

    Home Designer Pro 2020 User I am having difficulty getting my roof to complete as desired. In the plan you will see four highlighted walls where I have set the roof type to be High Shed/Gable Wall and all other ways are set at Hip Walls. The roof builds properly except on the left side where the plan seems to think there is a need to insert an extra wall for the roof to extend up to. Anyone know what I am doing wrong or what I can to to correct this situation? Thanks Diane