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  1. Thank you. Can I place a soffit on a wall and it would appear like a custom trim moulding/picture moulding? I have only been able to move it around horizontally, not vertically.
  2. Are their any tutorials that can help me understand how to use a soffit or slab to create a chair rail and other trim detail on a wall? I have used a mirror from the library and adjusted color, size etc but I can't control the actual dimension of the frame. If I had the ability to use a polyline solid my problem would be solved. That would be the only reason for me to upgrade to Chief and I don't think it is worth it for me at this time.
  3. Hi! Very nice! I have Homedesigner pro. Can I make trim molding like your square detail on an interior wall? I can't figure out how to do it. Any help is so appreciated!