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  1. I am upgrading from an earlier version of Home Designer Pro to Home Designer Pro 2023. Do I need to uninstall the earlier version before installing 2023 or can they both be resident on my computer? Thanks! Edward
  2. Jo_Ann, Thank you for your thoughts! I do like your idea. There was originally a second front entry in the exact spot you put it. We do have an old 1849 barn attached to the end of the house with the driveway to the entrance right next to the house, so it may be difficult to add the porch but I like the idea of the porch. Perhaps I can add one elsewhere. Thank you! Edward
  3. Thank you Eric, That looks great! I will work on this and see where it leads me. I appreciate your input. Thank you again! Edward
  4. Hi Eric, Thank you for responding so quickly! Have attached the plan for the remodel as well as the plan for the original home as built. I had read your responses to some similar questions previously asked and checked to make sure that No Room Definition was not checked. Still would not recognize a 2nd floor, thus creating a 2nd wall. Now that you commented on it, I understand your comment about the roof condition which is not good. I could create the addition on the back side of the house but a few factors came into play, The fireplace in the Great Room is on the back side of the house, Putting the addition on the back side will eliminate the kitchen window which has a fantastic view of the foothills and "mountains" in northern NH. Also, we have some great trees and a tremendous old apple tree that would have to be removed and am trying to keep them. That being said, really do need to find a way to eliminate the roof condition. The ultimate goal is to create a full second floor above the Great Room for a master bedroom & bath as well as 1 or 2 additional bedrooms. Farmhouse - Great Room Remodel - 592 Upper Ridge.zip Farmhouse - 592 Upper Ridge.zip
  5. Hello all! I am working on a new addition to an existing late 1800's home (the square structure on the right of the floor remodel plans with the dormers) and am using HD 2022. Prior to starting the addition, I created the old home using HD 2019. The lower level of the addition was existing but I have removed the roof and extended the front exterior wall (shown in red). I have added a 2nd floor by drawing 2nd floor walls but had to add an additional wall next to the existing exterior wall of the old section of the home in order for the HD program to recognize the 2nd floor addition as a room. I am now attempting to install a gable roof over the 2nd floor addition but am having trouble getting a completed end of the gable (see Front of House picture). I have tried lots of things but can't get it right. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? Note: I had similar issues when I was creating the original structure. Thank you in advance! Edward
  6. Great, thank you for replying! Just wanted to make sure that the 2020 program wouldn't interfere with the 2022 program. Thanks! Edward
  7. I have been using Home Designer Pro 2020 and have just purchased & downloaded Home Designer Pro 2022. Do I need to uninstall Home Designer Pro 2020 prior to installing Home Designer Pro 2022? Thanks!
  8. Thank you Eric, I've seen your suggestion for placing the title & version of the Home Designer product in my signature line & meant to do it before. Apologize. I want to put a 1/4 round shelf in the corner of the shower - glass or granite. Have looked in knowledge base and getting started but didn't see a reference (perhaps I missed it). I will try the shelf, slab or Google 3d suggestions. Thank You!
  9. I am using Home Designer Pro 2020. I am looking for a custom shower corner shelf, preferably glass or granite. Have looked in library but can't find one available. Is there a way to create one or find one on the internet and import?