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  1. ARK1985

    Double Gable Issues in HD Architectural

    David and Eric, Thanks so much for the help! I think you guys confirmed what I thought was the case regarding this issue, which is that I may need to upgrade to Pro to get the features that I am looking for. I've been considering upgrading for other reasons, so maybe this will push us over the edge. David, thanks for taking the time to pull open the plan and post a video! I opened your version of the plan in HD Architectural, and your changes seem to have stayed with it. I'll continue playing around with this bedroom concept, your fix helps eliminate the glaring hole in our wall that was making it hard to visualize the finished room! Thanks again!
  2. ARK1985

    Double Gable Issues in HD Architectural

    Eric, Thanks for the reply. Per your suggestion, I added my version number to my signature line. I researched the "Roof Cuts Wall at Bottom" setting as you suggested, and I do think that is the setting required for my wall in order to achieve the results I'm looking for. The problem is, I'm struggling to find that setting in HD Architectural 2017. The various videos and postings that I have found seem to all be related to HD Pro. In addition, roof planes themselves are not editable in HD Architectural, which I confirmed via the built in Help system. I'm suspicious that my problem is something that can only be fixed in HD Pro, which would be a bit of a disappointment. Is there something that I'm missing, or is this roof type not achievable in HD Architectural?
  3. Hello, I'm struggling to get HD Architectural to properly build a "double" gable roof line (not sure of the proper term). The attached picture outlines the issue, but basically I am looking for the "minor" gable to have a ceiling line extending all the way into the house, thus allowing the wall on the "major" gable to close up completely. Currently, if I extend the wall on the 2nd floor to close up the open space on the "major" gable, I end up with part of that wall hanging into the bedroom (the space occupied by the "minor" gable). Is there a way to make this work in HD Architectural, or do I need to upgrade to "Pro" to make it happen? I found some videos that outlined how to potentially correct this issue, but they were using HD Pro to do it. I'm attaching the picture as well as the plan file. Thanks in advance for the help. Plan_1_-_New_Master_Suite__2.plan
  4. ARK1985

    Exterior Pony Wall - Extra Surfaces Keep Appearing

    That seemed to work! Thank you so much! I figured this was something simple that I was missing. I must have mistakenly added that exterior wall covering in my attempt to figure out how to create the pony wall. Thanks again!
  5. I've been trying to solve this issue for 2 days now, and can't seem to get anywhere. I have pony walls surrounding the front exterior portion of a house that I am working on. The goal is to try and set up a wall where the bottom half is stone and the top half is siding. Something seems to be overriding the stone material and overlaying the siding material type on the bottom half of the wall (see "Pony Wall Issue 1.png" attachment). I noticed that there seem to be extra surfaces showing up on the exterior walls, and when I use the 'delete surface' tool, I'm able to remove them to get the effect that I want (see "Pony Wall Issue 2.png" attachment). The problem is that removing the surfaces only works temporarily, the moment I make any changes elsewhere in the plan, the walls revert right back to the incorrect type. I've looked through the default settings for both exterior walls and pony walls, and cannot seem to find the problem. The odd thing is, the section of the wall contained by the porch area seems to render just fine, it's just all the exterior walls not contained by outdoor "rooms" (like the porch and deck). I'm also attaching the plan, if that helps anyone look into this. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated! Plan 1.plan