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  1. Short of doing that, what's my best options? Just input best guess elevation lines and tey to shape the lot by hand?
  2. Hi all - using HD Suite 2020. I'm trying to locate topo/GPS data for my lot. I've searched my state and county web resources and can find actual topo maps, but no data sets specifically for my lot, that I could then import into HD2020. Anyone know of any resources or a good workflow for going about compiling this data and importing into HD2020? I'm in PA if it helps. Thanks!
  3. Yes, exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much!
  4. My apologies! PLAN file is now attached to OP.
  5. Hi All, Was hoping someone could help me out with a (complicated to me) roof design. Coming from HD 9.0 so been a while. 2 story existing home (with BPs). I'm trying to get all the roof planes set up correctly and am having trouble with the 12/7.5 ft slope roof and the knee wall there. Hopefully from all the pictures I've attached it is clear what I am trying to reproduce. I'm just not sure which all walls should be set to and how to have multiple pitches on different planes and get everything to blend the way it does it "real life". Thanks for the help! 2214 Existing.plan