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  1. Hi, Thanks for your replies! Step 1. Signature added. Good point Solver! Thanx Step 2. Look through videos. Thanks for directing me. Finally really digging in to it, I find the solution. To others who are wondering - click the line with the measurement number and drag the grey diamond shape. i.e do not drag the wall or look in settings. Great - now I'm set to continue designing. One thing that i did come across when watching the videos however, was that under 'Home Designer Suite' videos it clearly states Automatic Interior dimension to be possible. However interior automatic dimensions is, as far as i can tell, not possible in Designer Suite. The video even shows Architect software being used. How should I interpret this? or, i guess the better question is, does one need this? Sorry if I wasted your time, appreciate your replies. Thank you, Haakon
  2. Hi guys, Sorry if this is a really basic question, but I can't for the life of me figure it out, and to be honest, it stops me from even getting started with my project. ;-( FYI just bought the 2020 Home Designer Suite (not pro) Here's the issue: I am trying to remodel the interior of my house and will be using a laser measurement device to find the measurements (measuring the inside of my house). I.e. this will be the interior wall surface to wall surface measurements. However, when I try to draw this using the software, I can only input the length of the wall including the wall thickness. How do I change settings so that I will see the wall surface to wall surface dimensions? I have attached a picture to show how it looks. Sorry again for a basic question. Any help is appreciated. Kind regards, Haakon