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    Stairs down to basement

    Thank you. That worked great. Once I turned on reference floor I could position accurately. I found I had to make sure the edges of the stairs were inside the boundaries of the walls before it would let me create the stairwell, which makes sense. I also had have the top edge of the stairs right to the edge of the outer door boundary to have it properly positioned. I had reviewed the tutorials on stairs and general reference info but hadn't come across anything on turning on reference floors. I also searched the knowledge base and the reference manual. I never came across anything linking stair creation and the reference floor display. I had seen the selecting menu items and even the reference floor display menu entry but didn't know what it actually meant. I am just learning the program and finding most answers by poking around, watching tutorials that seem to apply, reading the manuals, and searching the knowledge base but there is a massive amount of information to sift through.
  2. Jeff_K

    Stairs down to basement

    I am also struggling with stairs. I followed the previous reply, went into the basement and created the stairs. Then I clicked auto stairwell and it worked. The problem is, I am trying to position the stairs to come up between four walls on the first floor that surround the stairwell, a door at the top of the stairs. While working at the basement level I cannot "see" those walls to position the stairs accurately within them. So the stairwell is out of position. I cannot reposition the stairs from the first floor. So I went to the basement to adjust them (best attempt, not a good way to do it but a work around). But the repositioning does nothing to the stairwell that remains out of position. Nor can I tell if the repositioned stairs are now in the right position. I need the guidance of the first floor walls to position the stairs that exist in the basement plane but I don't know how to combine the two?