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  1. Hello, Does anybody know if you can create a curved/arched roof on home designer?
  2. mariodajti

    Mansard Roof

    Hello, Hope everybody is doing well during these trying times. I am trying to create a Mansard roof but when I put a upper pitch of 1.5/12 and the start height as 132, the roof comes out really slanted... How can I fix the slant so that the roof doesn’t look like a slide? I want a steeper slope but not bent back if that makes any sense... Sort of like the picture I have added below
  3. Thank you so much. That did help a lot. Take care! Appreciate the effort.
  4. I’m sorry, can you please be more explicit and clear?
  5. how do I do this? Custom Backsplash??
  6. Hello everybody, does anybody know how to design a midway (architectural band) for the exterior front of the house? Can a slab do the job??
  7. When you say the entire perimeter of the room has to be surrounded by walls, this is a front porch, so steps leading to the front door. I just added the front porch to the house and didn't put walls at the front because there is already a wall there with the front door, I just added the walls around with the fence to form the porch. Is that okay? Other than that, I made sure the walls were connected and they all are and the "NO ROOM DEFINITION" was unchecked.
  8. with all do respect to all of you, none of these tips are working for me......
  9. Just watched your video. It was helpful, thank you. I will try to mess around with it and see how it plays out, hopefully I am successful. Really appreciate your time
  10. Okay, thanks so much.
  11. what am I supposed to write in the Signature box?
  12. yes, you said a railing does not know you are adding a post manually. How do I do it so that it does know?
  13. I turned on the signature...
  14. and my porch has steps. I want to use 4 posts, 2 on the end of the rail, 2 at the beginning of the rail by when you come up the steps.
  15. Thank you, but I don’t know how more explicit one can be. I am not “unwilling to be forthright” at all. If I didn’t want the help I wouldn’t have come on here seeking it or have posted on two different forums.... I specifically said, I have created a porch. On the porch, I want to manually add newels, (3D Symbols) and add them to my porch. If I turn on newels option, it won’t allow me to use my own post from the user catalog. I would have to use one of theres. Also, when I just manually add my newel/post to the porch, the baluster from the rails I have chosen to use, sticks out of the post even if I use point to point to lock the newel post in it’s position. I don’t know how to be more clear. That’s the problem I am facing and I am trying to fix that, that’s all. In this video, you see he is manually adding the columns to the porch, I am trying to do the same just I want to add my own post/newel to a porch connected to the railing.
  16. Thank you, but don’t want to share my plan. Nobody has a clue? I literally tried everything. Just want to add my posts manually without the railing sticking out of the post.
  17. This is what I am trying to do. I manually added the post/newel, as you can see the baluster is sticking out of the post. I used point to point and still having trouble. Thanks
  18. does anybody have any clue?
  19. does anybody have any clue?
  20. I am using Home Designer Pro 2021.
  21. Hello, I am trying to create a porch with railings and posts and I am having a hard time manually adding the posts to the rail. I literally tried everything. I am new to the program, so I am trying to learn everything as I go along and with watching videos, but I can't find anything on how to manually add a post to a rail. I am using a 3D symbol post, but even if I use posts from the Chief Architect library it still shows the baluster sticking out of the post. I used the "Point to Point Move" tool too and the baluster from the rail is still sticking out. I am using "Turned Barcelone" fence/rail from the Home Designer Core Catalog. Does somebody have any idea on how to manually add the post to the rail? I turned the newel/post option off because even if I turn it on, I want to use my own symbol and I don't want the newel/post to be right next to the baluster.