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  1. Designpronow

    Deck Border inconsistency?

    Has anyone experienced some inconsistency with having the deck mitered border to being installed? I have the settings in the deck dialog for the deck border with 1 row. All of the railings are connected and I selected a rebuild deck each time to update the setting. It will sometimes appear during my drawing and sometimes it does not install a border. I'm trying to keep the border installed. Are there other settings that would affect the border to not be installed outside of the deck dialog box and railing? I have Home Designer 2021 Thank you for your help.
  2. Designpronow

    Deck post placement in plan view

    David Potter, I usually have been using the black cad block for most of the deck newel posts. I just thought I remembered playing around with the railing once before and the post appeared on plan view with out the cad blocks. I may need to upgrade to Premiere one of these days. Thanks for your Reply. LawB10, That process of using an existing template may be the way to go since it saves time and automatically sets the newel post in place. Also, I usually use the deck railing tool as a landing since it also sets the post/piers and decking boards in place automatically. Thanks for the tip.
  3. How do I make the deck railing post to show up in plan view? HDPRO 2018 Thanks, DK 5775 Daltry lane deck.plan