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  1. Thanks David. I was afraid of of that !
  2. Good Morning (UK), Home Designer Pro. I have a number of iterations of .plan files for a project and a lesser number of Layout files displaying sections etc. When I 'up' a revision of my .plan (hence iterations), the Layout of course refers to the originating .plan file. Is there a way to modify the linking referred .plan file for each view (section drawing) on a layout or do I have to do a Layout 'Save As' and then delete the section drawing and re-Send To Layout ? Thanks in anticipation !
  3. Thanks Eric. I put my details in my Profile but have now found the 'Signature' settings with your help ! Here's some snapshot showing the Skylight (brand name Velux in the UK) .. then zoomed in & finally the Roof Hole/Skylight Specification label settings. I don't seem to be able to change the label font size anywhere.
  4. Help Please. Home Designer Pro 2020 I have a number of skylights on 2 floors. The default label is displaying but it is VERY small and illegible when printed. Despite searching the manuals, I cannot find a way of editing the skylight label size. I didn't want to resort to putting a Text label on top to hide the default. Any help would be appreciated.