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    Pro 2015

    Elovia: Thanks, you are correct. I knew the answer would be simple, just not simple to find. I was completely unaware of the information bar showing such. Sure enough that turns it on and off. Kbird: No the scroll bar does not pop up when you hover over it. they have implemented new methods such as clicking on the "hand" button, and then you can move the screen, but that is quite cumbersome because you have to do it each time you want to scroll. Their videos show some other methods which I don't remember at the moment. I will have to review them again. I think this was a mistake on their part because it makes it much more difficult to move around on than we are used to. As to how I like Pro 2015............I like that it runs on a Mac now, but have not used it enough to find anything else that is beneficial. Like I have indicated, you have to spend a lot of time just finding out how to do stuff because they have changed the basic operations from what we know and are used to. Thank you both for the help.
  2. rottenrattner

    Pro 2015

    Thanks Kbird1: It is correct that Pro 2015 display option does have an image check box. It shows that an image is present, but it is not checked to display, but display it does. I have checked the box, tried it, and then un checked the box with the same results. The image remains. preferences has a box for images, but it is only to display images in color when available. Again checked or unchecked the results are the same. Yes I am having (again) to get used to a new version of the software. I have run the software under Windows on a Mac for some time. I also realize the operating system may have an impact, but I do not expect it to relate to this problem. There is probably a very easy solution, just not obvious.
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    Pro 2015

    Thank you Chief Architect! Pro 2015 now runs on a Mac! I had upgraded to Pro 2014, and then suddenly they come out with a newer version that will finally run on a Mac, so I had to upgrade again. It seems like every time they come out with an upgrade, they change all of the normal operating procedures, so it is like learning a whole new program. One silly example is that 2015 eliminates the scroll bars, so you have to learn a whole new procedure to move around in your view, and the new procedure is not necessarily easier. But enough about this viewpoint, the real reason I am posting is because I have not figured out another change. Over the various versions I have developed a plan that encompasses our complete rural lot so that I could plan the additional buildings and upgrades. Construction is nearing completion and timing has been great, with Google Earth. New overhead view, and even a new street view shows our property with the additional projects in place. I wanted to coordinate the drawn plans with visual realty, so I imported an overhead view from Google Earth and overlaid it upon my plan. I can see that actual construction changes moved some of the items from where they were drawn on the plan. My intention is to update the plan to match reality. Needless to say, this is "cool" stuff. Now my problem. I have matched up the overhead imported jpg, sized it correctly, and am about to start moving some of the items in my plan. I want to keep the overhead view, but not necessarily see it all the time. Seems like a simple problem. Go to "display options" in the tools menu and I figure there should be some way to deselect the image overlay. If there is, I can not find it. Obviously the imported image is just another layer, but how can I disable it from viewing? I would assume this problem would be the same for people importing a jpg plan and drawing over it, then wanting to shut off the jpg display. Like many of the changes they make, it is probably really simple but not very obvious. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks