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  1. olepro

    Pony Wall in Architectural

    Hi Are learning and learning, being relatively new to Chief Architect Architectural Found out i had to use the pony wall feature on some of my walls. But this was after i had placed windows, doors and all in these walls. Looking at (a lot) of videos, it seemed rather simpel to just click edit on the wall and change it to a pony wall, but no. Unfortunately in Architectural there's no such feature. We have to delete the existing wall with doors, windows and all, to draw a new pony wall one. Is this a bug in this program version, missing this little checkmark for pony wall, or is it just the "usual" way to force us/me to upgrade. All the other wall features are there, just missing the little pony wall checkmark to change a standard wall to a pony wall. And another confusing thing. Using the pony wall feature is often to make the stepped foundation wall. But in Architectural, the polyline feature is not there to easy make the stepped wall. We have to go to 2D view and use the brake tool and split the wall into sections, and afterwards adjust these wall sections separately. I hope this is also not the intended way to do this, but this is the only way i could achieve this. I understand that the feature sets between products is different, but why have features which is handled different between products. This i find rather confusing. Best regards
  2. olepro

    Sketch Up Imports

    A little harsh answer But even the Sketchup files are free, there could have been an answer to Alfiejay's question, and there very likely is Unfortunately i cannot help with the color problem, sorry I just started with Chief Architect Architectual, and i did try a couple of Sketchup files, but until now i only ran into sizing errors on one .skp file Happy drawing Ole