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    deleting roof/gable lines

    thanks guys! again, just learning the tools, so I apologize for what might be a basic question! Here is a copy of the .plan of the house. and by the way, I'm using the 2018 version of the program. What I'm trying to do is have the gable over the front door that extends out beyond the length of the front bedroom (approx 10 feet) that ties in visually with gable over the front bedroom - hopefully that makes sense? what keeps coming up is the dual cable - that I can't shift in size or delete! thanks Janice October_3_version.plan
  2. CanadaJanice

    deleting roof/gable lines

    I'm still relatively new to HD, however, recently I tried to modify some of my roof lines on my house plan and some pretty wonky stuff happened. So, I deleted the roof (and also used the Reset to Default Setting for the roof) to start afresh. However, that didn't seem to give me a clean palette to work with. Am I missing a critical step to remove everything and restart? thanks!