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  1. It's not even that hard - if I leave a 4" gap, it doesn't snap and doesn't change. So it's definitely not a huge deal, but I'm curious why it's doing it. (or what it's doing for that matter)
  2. You're right, it doesn't look exactly like a foundation. But it's definitely something and it's not showing up on the other fence I drew. Like I said, all of the property tabs are identical between the two fences. In fact, I copy/pasted the fence with the weird bottom from the one without the weird bottom. It shows normal right up until I connect it to the deck or the house, then it magically gets a lower section. I'd upload my plan file, but it's 51mb which is apparently bigger than I'm allowed to upload.
  3. Hi folks, Having a bit of a problem in Pro 2020. When I connect my fence to my house, even through a different object (in this case a deck) it insists on inserting a foundation wall under it. If I open the object details, it doesn't show it, but in 3D view it does. I've checked and every setting in the info pane is identical to the fence right next to it that does not show the foundation. Take a look at the attached photos to see what I mean. Thanks for any help!
  4. Even better! Though it's still weird that electrical devices are left out of the autodimensioning fun. I wonder why.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion @Eric, the dimensions do seem to stick to the CAD lines and light, so I guess I'll go that route.
  6. So this is functions as designed? There's an entire class of objects that don't autodimension and can't be made to? I mean I know I'm not in the big leagues with Chief Premier, but this also isn't some $50 piece of crap. I figured I was missing a checkbox somewhere, but no?
  7. Maybe I should add what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to place 3 pendant lights over a kitchen island and equally space them. When I try to draw manual dimensions they wind up free floating (not attached to the fixture) but I don't see why it wouldn't just automatically put the dimensions in for me and let me click on the dimension I want to type in. Chapter 18 of the manual says I should be able to do it for "most objects" in the program.
  8. It's not about being able to move it in small increments, it's about the lack of dimensions. When I click on the light it should automatically show me the distances to the nearby walls and objects but it doesn't. I should say I THINK it should give me the dimensions based on my reading of the doc and my expectations.
  9. Hi Folks, I'm sure I'm missing something obvious, but why is my Home Designer Pro 2017 not dimensioning my lights (and other stuff) automatically? Everything else I click on in my plan gets fifty different dimensions automatically surrounding it so I can precisely locate everything, but not the electric stuff? I've tried switches, receptacles, and lights both from the library and standard and none of them get dimensioned. When I try to attach dimensions to them manually (I went into default settings and checked "Electrical") sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. That is, some of