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    Shed roof distorted by intersecting gable roof

    Here's the "real plan" but I would have thought the simplified version is adequate since it reveals the basic problem. I can appreciate that HD and similar programs can get extremely complicated (I was a SW developer for 20 years) but if the roof-generation algorithm was my work, I'd consider this a bug. I'd be very surprised if anyone would be happy with, much less expect, the results for this combination of inputs. I suspect the situation was simply never tested. Thanks for all the help. Rick Full Model 1.1.plan
  2. DocAudios

    Shed roof distorted by intersecting gable roof

    Here's the plan file. Thanks for the prompt. I should have attached it in the beginning. Doh! Rick Test - Shed and Gable roof intersection.plan
  3. DocAudios

    Shed roof distorted by intersecting gable roof

    Thanks for the very speedy replies! Jo_Ann: The way I have the pitches are the way our house is (I'm trying to model the as-is before a big reno). The gable ridge does disappear into the shed roof. I've attached a screen grab of the bigger picture model (Shed roof distortion 3.jpg) in which there are actually two gabled roofs that intersect the shed roof. Interestingly, one side works well but the other side does not although there is one notable difference. The gabled roof on the right shares a wall with the shed roof but the one on the left does not--and that's the side with the distorted roof. I created a second model with the fewest components possible to try to isolate the problem. I've also attached a picture of the real house just to show what I'm trying to model. It is weird! 32383238Ca: There's only a single floor (floor plan pic attached). I've been meaning to say shed roof (since that's one of the default types) but for some reason I keep typing "tent" by mistake. Sorry for the confusion. I do believe it's the same as a skillion roof (an inclined plane). I'm very new at this program so I haven't discovered the "auto roof planes tool". I've experimented with the Auto Rebuild Roofs option in the Build Roof dialog--is that what you mean? If not, please let me know where it is. I just looked for it and I can't find it in the software or the on-line manual. I just started to try creating the gabled roof first by changing the two interior walls so that the lower right part of the floor plan was square and the upper left part was L shaped. Unfortunately, when I tried to check that the left hand gabled wall was still set to gabled, I get a "serious error" message as shown in "error message.jpg". Hmmm...not looking good. Am I correct in assuming that I need to leave Auto Rebuild Roofs turned on until I get the roofs right (otherwise, how can I generate a roof for a room?), then I turn it off so I can make changes to walls that may affect the roof? I know what you mean by frustrating! I've spent more than half a day on this roof already. Thanks for the help. Rick
  4. Hi, I have a problem with the automated roof creation in Home Designer Architectural 2015. My (simplified) floor plan looks like two intersecting boxes with one box having a tent roof and the other a gable roof. I'd like the two roofs to appear as if each box and roof was created separately and then the two boxes and roofs were just intersected. By default, HDA automatically carries the roof line of the gable roof into the shed roof, which distorts the latter as shown in the two attached jpegs. I've experimented with many different ways of creating the roofs to no avail. Every time I create the two, the gable roof line is carried into the shed roof. Is there a way to turn off this automated behaviour or to work around it? I've looked at all the great explanations of how to create many different roof styles in the on-line help (which is very well done) but I couldn't find what I needed, unfortunately. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Rick