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  1. Hi! I've been using the software for a few years now but just cannot resolve a roofline issue even after uprading the software. Trying to draw an existing house for the purpose of plans for renovations. It is a gull wing style roof but has multiple rooflines with a pitch change on the third floor. See interior and exterior pics for example of detail. The bumpout starts about 18" off the ground on the second floor and continues all the way to about 10 feet from the roof peak. The attic floor joists DO NOT sit on the exterior wall plates, but instead are nailed to the roof rafters (so they're "hanging" rather than "resting") and have resulted in coved ceilings at the walls in each of the four corners of the second floor. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to draw this bumpout and achieve an angled wall. I have tried it as a steeply pitched roof and then adding the second roof as a dormer but because the first roof actually covers three floors of the house, I could not get it to work properly. Now using Home Designer Pro 2020
  2. TessHartwell

    Issues recreating arcitectural detail wall/roofline bumpout

    Hi Solver, your rendering is correct. I'm calling it a "bumpout" but really it's the interior side of the "dormer". The problem is I can get the inside correct using a soffit (I'm guessing that's how you did this?), but then the outside is missing the roof transition. If it were just a dormer on one floor, that wouldn't be an issue to draft, but the steepest roof starts at the peak (third floor) and goes all the way to a sun room on right and the entranceway on the left on the 1st floor. I don't see any way to create that in the software. I'm not looking for workarounds. What's the point of being able to generate materials lists if you can't actually draft things the way they are/should be? you said Pro lacks curved roofs, do other versions offer that? I thought I saw somewhere in the forum that you could curve roofs...
  3. TessHartwell

    Issues recreating arcitectural detail wall/roofline bumpout

    I have looked extensively on this topic and haven't found anything similar hence my comment about working on it for years and finally upgrading the software in hopes that it would help. I also have these odd shaped rake/fascia corners which I've tried to create with soffits, but cannot find a tool to create the curve. Any suggestions for approaching these issues would be greatly appreciated.