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  1. I have been spending some time 3D modeling the home that my family and I recently purchased. The home is 2 stories with an attached garage. We would like to add a second garage, that would be detached, with a half story workshop above. However, when drawing the garage it only draws as a single story building. I can raise the structure height, but it does not offer the loft space in the second story of the plan as I would like. If I go to the "Floor Tools" adding a story only adds a 3rd story to the house and it ignores the garage. I have also tried adding exterior walls on the second story, but it did not recognize the change. It showed on the 2D model but no change to 3D. How do I add a second story, to a one story structure that is on the same drawing as a 2 story building? I am at a loss and am hoping I do not need to delete the house and start over. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using HD Suite 2019. I have attached 3 images. 1: Doll house view of the garage and side of house; 2: Garage floorplan; 3: the 2nd story showing the gable walls of the garage.