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    How can insert a telepost and then build an interior wall around/inside it. I am drafting an existing plan where the support structure is already in place. So now that I am working options for changing the floor plan and leaving the existing support structure untouched. Does this make sense? I would like to see the location of these posts on the drawing as its own element that I can dimension to.
  2. LesVJohnson


    Can anyone tell me how to locate a non-movable object such as a telepost or support column hidden in a wall on a drawing. I want to be able to modify some non load walls without continually checking the dimension with respect to these teleposts. Home Suite 2020 Thanks in advance Les
  3. Does any know how I can places fixed objects (like a telepost or support column) in a floor plan to mark what sections of walls could be moved without impacting these supports? Thanks Les