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  1. Thank You! I did have a "0" in ceiling height. I'm one day into using this software with no prior experience, but it seems to be working. I now have fences. It was strange becuase I could draw fences in the "0 level" - setting explains that Version is 2015 ( BTW, I bought the software because the landscape architect says he only works in 2D. Since this is my first attempt, I punted and broke the house into three sections...I was not able to figure out the roof lines, etc. What seemed to be toughest is that I have 7 separate buildings at my house including three barns, and I found it difficult to get them to "sink" into the terrain, or not inherit properties when I changed one. Plus walls range from 36" thick to 5" even in one building. Still have not figured out how to change gable exterior finish, but I'll get there. Also had trouble importing surveyors Z,X,Y files but it was easy to scan and trace contours. Thanks again.
  2. Recently, I have not been able to construct any fencing - I can draw it but its not midifiable or visible in 3D view.. Seems to have stated with a "negative ceiling height" warning that I cannot find.