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    upgrade to HD architectural 2020

    Ya, I have seen the requirements, but after I upgraded to 2020, 2015 suite ran ok, it's a little sluggish with multiple camera views up. I just figured 2020 would work too. But I dont want to buy a surface pro if I can buy a laptop or desktop and it will run it better, or I could look into an ipad but I really dont like iOS.
  2. figgy03

    upgrade to HD architectural 2020

    Hey, new here and couldnt find a way to search the forum on my mobile browser. My problem is I have an old laptop that wont run HD Arc 2020 when I upgraded from 2015 design suite. I was looking into getting a microsoft surface pro 4 but wanted to make sure it will work and render 3d without any problems. Has anyone ran this on that platform?