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  1. LakeTravis

    Example Price List?

    I understand, but getting a dealer to price stuff means we are closer to building it than we actually are. Instead I'm just going through google and picking a high end price for estimates per square foot of slab, framing, etc. etc. Surely my estimate this way a) is a lot of work, b) is probably less accurate than a default price list. Maybe Home Designer could have sample price lists for country or region. I don't know. But I get it. It doesn't do it. And if I'm really curious, I can try to estimate it myself. I was just making sure that I wasn't missing something like, "oh, just download this file from the chiefarchitect site. Thanks everyone.
  2. LakeTravis

    Example Price List?

    Yeah, Just for ballpark. It would be great to click a button and the tool comes back and says, "blah blah, these prices are simply estimates and may not reflect the actual costs you may find from your suppliers. These estimates do not include labor and other costs which can run anywhere from 40% to 100% more, blah blah". I just want a guess-timate.
  3. LakeTravis

    Example Price List?

    Thanks all, but not particularly helpful. I've read the reference manual. And that wasn't particularly helpful either. I get it, I can export the material list to a text file, and import it into excel. Yes, presumably there are third party estimation software but there's no recommendations. So, although it's possible, it's beyond the scope of this forum. So, I'll just leave it there.
  4. LakeTravis

    Example Price List?

    I have a floor plan and decided to see if I could get an estimate of the material cost. When I bring up the material list, all the items have a 0 price. I understand that there ae a lot of variables to price and probably no estimates would be 100% accurate. But I was hoping that there would be an initial price list already entered and I could get an estimate +/- probably 80-100% but still, I'd like to have some idea. Is there such a download of sample prices or must I go through and try to estimate each item myself.
  5. LakeTravis

    Rotate entire Plan (all floors)

    Thanks David. And I understand that. I am new to this and I now have what I have. I am trying to figure out whether I can fix what I have or whether I need to reenter it. I believe I probably have to reenter it. But I'm looking for confirmation. I see you are from Austin. So am I. I also see you are a teacher/tutor. I'll send you email
  6. LakeTravis

    Rotate entire Plan (all floors)

    I've updated my signature. I've searched all the available places. I'm very good at searching the web for answers and usually answer all my questions that way. There is one post I saw somewhere that said, try not to do what I've done (that is, created a house plan that was not horizontal). I know that now. So my question is, can I make it horizontal or do I have to start over. I've attached my first floor screen shot. The question is, how can I rotate this entire thing (all floors, terrain, slab, etc.) about 45 degrees clockwise? I can rotate the floor easy enough with either a select all and dragging the rotate marker, or by selecting edit area and also dragging the rotate marker but that only rotates the first floor. There is no 'edit all floors' as some posts discuss. Once rotating the first floor, it's pretty much impossible to line up other floors. RIch
  7. LakeTravis

    Rotate entire Plan (all floors)

    I have a plan that I had started out with a survey/plot plan. I added the first floor and rotated it so that it was situated on the plot plan in the right place. I was able to build up the entire house with the house at an angle from the perspective of the screen. But I want to print this plan now. So I want the floors to be horizontal to the screen. I am having the hardest time doing this. I am able to rotate a floor and can even rotate the entire plot plan but I can only do it a floor at a time. And when I try to rotate the second floor, I just can't get things aligned right. The roof's not aligned, the slab's not aligned etc. Doing web searches implies that there is a rotate all floors option but that has got to be a different version of home designer. Is there anyway to do what I want?