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  1. Eric, Good call! I reviewed my video drivers. They were up to date. The latest driver was dated 3/27/18. Looks like I updated it 6/18/18. I once remember an IT guy telling to uninstall the old driver manually before installing the new one... Well, I uninstalled the driver, and installed it again. Bear in mind that I was not have any video or graphics problems prior. But, now my 3D menu works without errors. Thank you both Eric and David for taking the time
  2. Driver is up to date, but I only have a GeForce GTS 550. I don't think this would throw that kind of error.
  3. David, Thank you for your reply. I have spent at least half a day, every work day, on a computer since 1995. Using 95, 98, XP, and 7, I just have not had your experience. Perhaps, it is just the luck of the draw. I see your AMD in your sig. I have always had bad luck with AMD... Again, perhaps by chance. I should have attached a screenshot the first time. I get that error no matter how many times I attempt any view in the 3D menu. There is no way to push on. The screen turns White as you can see.
  4. Eric, Thank you for your reply. I just thought I was going to spend the weekend drafting my ideas for my new house?!@# I guess I did not spend enough money, or do enough research :~( Jeff
  5. After creating my first floor plan perimeter, I attempted a perspective full overview. An error message immediately appeared. It said to contact tech support, reboot the program, and do not save the file (as if it was corrupt). This problem has persisted after launching the program 3 times. I'm using hd pro 2020.