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  1. Daydream

    Terrain data

    Thanks for the tip on the signature. However, another problem is I don't know how to get the terrain data in the first place in order to import to Chief in the 2nd place. So...... Any help that you give me at all will be helpful
  2. Daydream

    Terrain data

    I was wondering if there was a way to not create it and just import it. Possibly using sketch up or Google earth somehow or maybe?
  3. Daydream

    Terrain data

    What is the best way to get terrain data into home designer pro 2914
  4. I just got my first customer who is willing to pay for one of my designs. Which presents a couple of dilemmas. I grew up around contruction type people and I know alot of the terminology. I don't have the desire or time to take enough classes to become an architect but would like to take classes to become better at home design. I designed the home we built last year and my husband was the General Contractor. Question 1: What type of classes would you take to make more accurate designs (or maybe more buildable would be the right word)? Question 2: When I am asked if I am an Architect I say no, however how do I desicribe what I do, is it just a designer or is it more than that? Question 3: When it comes to billing a customer ????????? no ideas there at all?? Question 4: Would really appreciate it, if someone has a design questionaire to give to a customer who has no idea what their design style is, that would like to share with me.
  5. Daydream

    Send a Layout to Staples Copy Center to Print

    Thank you so much your replies were very helpful
  6. Does anyone know how to do this. I saved a Layout sized 18 x 24 as a layout file. But when i went to the Staples site to upload it, it was very tiny.
  7. Daydream

    Materials List

    Does anyone know how to show "Common" plant names on a materials list
  8. Daydream

    Curved Deck Panel

    32383238Ca that is exactly what i want to use, except i want it to curve. Maybe it doesn't do that
  9. Daydream

    Curved Deck Panel

    Yes i did it works fine if you use a baluster. I want to use the Item under Fence/Railing, Turned, Barcelona
  10. Daydream

    Curved Deck Panel

    I have Home Designer Pro 2014. I used the curved railing tool. The difference is using a panel piece like for a fence instead of a baluster
  11. Daydream

    Curved Deck Panel

    I have been trying to use a panel instead of balusters, however i can't seem to make it curve