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  1. pompey1

    importing textures

    When adding s 12x24 tile to the wall it shows as two 6x24 . Anyone know what I'm doing wrong
  2. pompey1

    Center line

    Is there a way round it in the pro version
  3. pompey1

    Center line

    Is the center line dimension only available in the premier edition of chief Architect.
  4. pompey1

    tool bars

    All of my tool bars have disappeared. Anyone know how to find them. Thanks.
  5. pompey1

    camera views lock

    Thanks for responding . That's what I'm doing but the view won't close. The only way I can close it is to close down the whole program. I'll talk to tech support tomorrow. Thanks.
  6. pompey1

    camera views lock

    I have a problem with the camera view. Once I have viewed the area I can't close the tab to return to the plan without closing the whole program down; it seems to be locked up. Any one have any suggestions. Thanks, Sylvia
  7. pompey1


    I'm using home designer architect 2014. I'm new to the program so I'm still trying to figure things out. I had designed a bathroom with floor. Somehow, and I'm sure I clicked something I shouldn't have, my tiles floor, which did show in my design has disappeared and Instead it's showing a grassed area.
  8. pompey1


    I seemed to have lost my floors and can't get them back. Any suggestions.
  9. pompey1

    corrupt Files

    I have had two of my plans corrupted and i don'tknow why. I get this error message, ..\source\ChiefStreamableFactory.cpp(1095): Error #272030113 "Assertion failed: The plan file you are attempting to open appears to be corrupted. Recovery has been attempted. There may be missing data. You should revert to a backup copy of this plan." 6/4/2014 9:54:06 PM Build: Has anyone else had the same problem ?