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    imported "grouped bedrooms" and deleting a single object

    Dear Solver Thank you for the help. Did the following: left click one of the bedrooms in Grouped Bedrooms>click the room I wanted the group placed> right click the Group and selected "Explode Architectural Block" All objects become independent and can be manipulated and removed! I changed the settings (I think) as you instructed. The green button was on and I put my version in the notes. Not sure if I did what you wanted but I attempted to make my version known automatically. Thank you very much for your help and your quick response I'd also add the company support for this software is unmatched! DarrenS
  2. darrens

    imported "grouped bedrooms" and deleting a single object

    Home Design Pro 2020 is current version. I won't be able to try what you said til later this afternoon. I will let you know Thank you Solver for a path to try.
  3. I'm using Home Designer Pro I've imported "grouped bedrooms", "grouped living rooms", etc.... For ex.: I add an imported "grouped bedroom" to a new room and there's a bird cage in it that group of objects. I have nothing against birds, just not in the bedroom. Can I delete that birdcage from that "grouped bedroom"? I can select the birdcage and manipulate it, but not delete it. Are the imported "grouped rooms" objects locked in that room and can't be remove? Thank you in advance