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  1. Ok sorry! I missed the Auto rebuild roof, this now looks good, thanks so much! Sansouci271119.plan
  2. So the progress is good but each time that I try to move the gable wall back into line, walls appear above the roof. see 171119a And each time I try to raise the 2nd floor ceiling heights, the wing walls and roof go up to full height see 171119b 'auto build roof' is off and I have been sure to recheck 'flat ceiling over this room', so what am I doing wrong? I'm hoping that when I have the external structure done I will be able to experiment with internal walls, cathedral style ceilings and half height walls with storage behind where the eaves are low.
  3. Thanks very much for this, I have now managed to create a pretty good roof and can start on the dormers. It is quite a complicated work around, thanks again!
  4. That went well.... Sansouci171119.plan
  5. Brilliant that is good news, and I love a bit of trickery! So, yes the roof is a little bit too steep, 45 degrees for all roofs is where it should be. So 45 degrees for the wing room too. Apart from the wing, where I have set the ceiling height to create half height walls, I would like the roof to sit on top of the 1st floor. I only set the 480mm ceiling as creating low 2nd floor walls, seemed to be the only way to create the roof I want. I'm hoping that if you can show me how to create the desired roof and perform said trickery, you will then be able to explain
  6. More progress! Thanks Jo_Ann and Eric your guidance is working for me! I'm still struggling to get the Gable Wall to blend with the half height Hip wall to form a sensible roof..... Sansouci171119.plan
  7. Thank you David! sound advice, but is what I want to achieve possible with Suite, or only with Pro?
  8. Hi all, I'm back to this same problem, files enclosed of my best efforts. Sansouci.plan is the current bungalow. Sansouci Big.plan is my effort trying to add a second floor built into a steeper pitched roof space. Solutions provided by Jo_Ann and LawB10 both look great but I can't get there, are these done with Home Designer Suite? Or must I upgrade? Still can't work out where I am going wrong. Thanks! Dan Sansouci Big.plan Sansouci.plan
  9. Hi Jo_Ann, Thanks for your help, it's got me a little closer to what I need but I still can't replicate what you did, where am I going wrong? 1 I draw floor 1 2 I draw floor two with just three reduced height walls as your image with ridge and hip walls as shown 3 The roof generated ignores floor two and simply sits on floor 1.....? Can you please also explain how to make the two roofs have different pitches? Thanks
  10. Thanks for these replies Is it possible to have different roof pitches on the main roof and the wing roof?
  11. Thanks Jo_Ann, So I have built the wing as a room with half height walls and full height ceiling, gable walls at each end. Then the roof will auto build, but I can't get it to blend as in my sketch Also how do I make the pitch different for each of the two roofs? Can you demonstrate how it should be done please Thanks Dan
  12. Thanks for that! As this is a proposed extension I want all dimensions to be fluid so that we can look at various possible options going forward. I'm hoping that when I learn how to create the drawing/model it will be possible to change/adjust as required....
  13. I have the home designer suite in order to design an extension for my house. However I'm not sure that it can draw the roof that I want, can you please advise? The main house roof is gabled, ridge running East/West The wing roof, also gabled, ridge runs North/South, - the eaves of the wing are higher than the main house and the ridge is lower, so the pitch is also different. My best effort is enclosed, the main roof is fine, I just can't draw the wing with half height 2nd floor walls which fit/blend into the main house. Any help much appreciated please!