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  1. How philosophical! And true. Thankfully, I don't mind at all spending hours working on designs--I agree that it's quite fun--but I am also quite thankful to have helpful people around to catch me when I have exhausted all my possibilities. It's not nearly so fun to re-draw the same thing a second time.
  2. I'm still really curious (just because that's how I am) about how those glitches happen. Like the strange little roofline over in the corner which didn't even show in the overview and the rebuilds which left big holes in the roof. So weird. And it seems to happen fairly regularly that I change one little thing and something wild happens. Especially in roofs. Oh, well. Shrug! As you say, it ended well.
  3. Thank you so much, David! It looks great. I was sort of cringing as I watched you try some of those things, feeling bad about you wasting your precious time on my mess, but I do very much appreciate it! And now I know that I'm NOT crazy, since you couldn't fix it either. I guess that's what I get when I buy the lower-end product. Wish I could justify buying the expensive ones. I love doing this, but it's not like I have much of a market! Your help is very much appreciated!
  4. "Make sure the plan is closed before you save it " Chuckling at that. And I appreciate your advice.
  5. Very kind of you! So do you want to mess with this porch glitch?
  6. And yes, I did try re-drawing that railing. It's still there, though.
  7. I just realized that I failed to attach the picture of what it looks like now. Sorry! Here is the new one with the weird porch issues.
  8. In trying to analyze this problem (in case someone else runs into it) I think it must have been an issue with invisible walls. I had first had an alcove at the front door with an invisible wall in front of it in order to keep the roofline straight. Then I decided to straighten out the front and push the porch outside of the house's footprint. I just pulled the alcove wall out even with the rest of the house front and the invisible wall disappeared. Even though I could no longer see any evidence of it--couldn't click on it or anything--maybe somehow it was still there, imbedded in the exteri
  9. Oh, thank you SO much for that offer! I didn't realize there was that kind of support available. Not sure it's worth it now, since this is a really minor issue.
  10. UPDATE!! I just deleted the entire front wall and re-drew it with all the same settings, and when I rebuilt the roof, it was fine. Obviously a weird glitch caused by my wall-moving. However I now have another little issue. Look at this elevation and notice the extra little skinny piece of roof extending up from the porch. Any idea what might cause that? So annoying to have these bits and pieces when I have no clue where they came from! Also, how do I get rid of the two columns in the middle of the porch? I thought I set it up to span the entire width, but it still draws them in.
  11. I completely agree with that--obviously there's something wrong. What I cannot fathom is how it possibly could have gotten changed. I certainly didn't change any settings between one and the other. I moved a wall out...period. This should not change the makeup of all the other walls, but somehow it must have. Even more curious, I have been back through the roof specs for each wall in my plan and I really believe that all of them are marked correctly. I checked to make sure that those rooms still were designated to have ceilings. I'm not sure what else to check. When this has happened bef
  12. I've checked them all a dozen times. I've deleted and reroofed over and over. It's so weird. Not only did it take the roof OFF part of it, but there is a weird little gable added in the middle of the front wall. One time (in the myriad of times I fiddled with it) it did put a roof over everything, but there was a high shed roof over the center part, so that the walls didn't reach the roof. All very bizarre!
  13. I have run into this before, and I'm sick of fussing with it. I'm hoping someone can tell me why this happens. My current plan is a very basic L-shaped ranch. Looked fine, except that I realized the porch was not centered. I had put a small gable roof on the porch, so when I moved the porch, that needed to move as well. So I hit Delete Roof, then Build Roof, and **everything** changed! It totally messed up the entire house roof, and I had done nothing other than move some porch walls. I'll attach some pictures, and hopefully you can see how disastrous it was.